St. Croix Regional Sports Medicine provides many services to the local schools and their communities. More information about all the services can be found below. Services they offer are:

Sports Physicals

Dates/Times of Physicals:

There are no current physical dates at this time. We will update as soon as more are scheduled.

Physicals are open to student-athletes grades 5-12 in need of a sports physical.


$20 per physical- ALL proceeds go back to the school’s Athletics/Athletic Training Departments!! Checks can be made payable to SCRMC.

How to Sign Up?

  • Call your high school office
  • Sign up in your high school office- sign up sheets provided
  • Contact your Athletic Trainer

Walk-Ins Welcome!

What should you bring?

Student-athletes should bring filled out & signed physical forms to their appointment. Parents do not need to be present, as long as physical form is filled out & signed by them. Physical packets can be picked up in the schools office or printed below.

Wisconsin physical packet PRINT here.

Minnesota physical packet PRINT here.

Sports Performance Enhancement Program


This program was created by Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Performance Enhancement Specialists using the latest performance enhancement techniques and methods for training. The program is designed to improve athletic performance, including functional strength, speed, agility, quickness, flexibility, coordination, and power.

We will teach individuals proper body mechanics for improving efficiency and preventing injuries during athletic activities.

Pre-training tests will be performed to establish each athlete’s baseline performance ability. Individuals will perform a wide variety of exercises using agility ladders, mini hurdles, cone drills, resistance bands, plyometric boxes, and medicine balls. At the conclusion of the training program we will assess their post training performance improvements by performing post training tests and comparing pre and post tests times.

Individuals will also be given information about proper nutrition for the development of sports performance including pre and post exercise nutrition.

ACL Prevention Program


ACL Injury PreventionWith the increasing rate of injuries among athletes in sports, St Croix Regional Sports Medicine has put together an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) prevention program.

This program is, currently, being offered to our area schools to help decrease injuries. There is strong evidence that neuro-muscular training can decrease the frequency of injuries in athletes.Our goal of this program is to use an evidence-based approach to decrease non-contact knee and ankle injuries in our athletes.

This program is designed to be used as a 15-20 minute warm-up at the beginning of selected practices in place of the usual warm-up. The routine, length of time and exercises used, is adjusted as needed per team.

The ACL prevention program begins with 12-15 training sessions during the first month, then decreasing sessions to once per week during the season.  The design of the program is geared toward dynamic warm ups, jump training, balance training, and strength training.

The quality of exercise patterns is extremely important and overrides increased quantity of exercise patterns. Activities are modified throughout the program as athlete’s and teams progress. The program is intended to help create an awareness of movement patterns, strengthening within these patterns, and proprioceptive techniques to increase success in athletics.

Student Athletic Training Assistant Program


St Croix Regional Sports Medicine is giving students at high schools we hold an athletic training contract with an incredible opportunity to become a Student Athletic Training Assistant. This opportunity will allow students to work side by side their high school Certified Athletic Trainer. They will learn what it means to be a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), the ATCs role in sports injuries, and what career options they have in sports medicine.

Interested students will fill out an application for each season they are interested in working – Fall, Winter, and/or Spring.  The program will have requirements each student will need to meet to gain a letter and/or a school credit. This will be a great learning experience for any student who is interested in a potential career in sports medicine and to find out what happens behind the scenes when a player is injured.  Interested students, or parents of students, should contact their school Certified Athletic Trainer.