Industrial Medicine

Industrial Medicine

Our Industrial Medicine program is dedicated to promoting and protecting the health of employees through preventive services, treatment of injuries, and educational services.  St. Croix Regional Sports Medicine offers an off-site program bringing our highly qualified sports medicine staff to organizations in the community. This allows us to bridge the communication gap between healthcare and industry.

Our staff focuses care on health-related issues that affect productivity and profitability within an organization, in addition to the wellness of each employee. Trained sports medicine staff develop individualized and group programs that allow each individual to pursue a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.

The comparisons between the industrial world and the sports world, regarding health and safety, are so similar that the word “athlete” can be used interchangeably with the word “employee.” Our Industrial Medicine Program follows a sports medicine model. Employees receive similar care that an athlete would receive in the sports world.

Our sports medicine model uses the rehabilitation professional (Physical Therapist/Certified Athletic Trainer) as the primary therapy provider for an “athlete.” This same model is used by professional sports teams all over the world. Professional sports teams need to choose the best route to keep their multi-million dollar “employees” healthy and at their peak performance. When injuries do occur, the sports medicine model returns athletes back to play quickly and with less chance of re-injury.

The same sequence is used for “employees,” in this program, as it currently being done for “athletes” in the sports medicine model.  This ensures successful return to work programs.